Credits: Jacub Dolezal / Lunchmeat Festival

Dadub is dedicated to combine sound design and analog audio synthesis with the aesthetic and musical heritage of Bass Music and Dub. Inspired by critical theory, science fiction, ritual practices and the material force of low frequency sounds, since 2007 Dadub have been evolving its sound across heterogeneous sonic territories while researching uncharted techniques and approaches to bass music.

Dadub is a rhizomatic entity, initially conceived by Daniele Antezza and then joined first by Giovanni Conti and presently by Marco Donnarumma. Across the years Dadub has constantly experimented with music making methods and thus hybridised bass music genres including techno, dub, industrial, ambient and noise. Dadub musical output has been supported and distributed by several platforms, with their most notable works released by close collaborators Stroboscopic Artefacts (DE) and OHM Resistance (US).

Credits: Flora Schwarz

Listening to Dadub music and live performances is a corporeal experience. Their creation process is improvisational, leveraging their own ever changing technical ecosystem where – faithful to the duo’s Dub roots – machines and mixing boards become instruments on their own. Through them, Dadub engineers feedback chains between pedals, bass guitar, frame drums and drum machines. The result is a shifting and sensuous mass of sound that, through spatialization and psychoacoustic techniques, creates its own listening multiverse.

The sonic and musical research of Dadub feeds back with, and is expanded by, sonic engineering through the studio practice of Antezza at his bespoke sound post-production Dadub Studio.

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